Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The exhibition details!

Great news that the Ritual Mail Art exhibition will commence on the 5th of December and be up for the launch of The Inkwell's Ritual edition at 4by8 Gallery, (part of The Forest Community Cafe). You can read more about Forest here:

I have a few more pieces to blog and will be doing that soon, if not today!  I received something in the post this afternoon, and am expecting a few more pieces from Edinburgh over the next few days.  I will aim to blog and send them off to Edinburgh just  in time for the mail art hanging!

Thanks to everyone for their support.  I won't be in Edinburgh for the hanging.  I'm up later in the month, but suspect it will be down before then, so let's hope lots of wonderful photos are taken so we can be there virtually (FIGGY)!

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  1. Wish i could go everywhere my mail art travels--have a great show!