Friday, January 9, 2015

Ritual Para Arte Postalitual arrival from Edna Tofolli

Ritual Para Arte Postal 
Very occasionally mail art doesn't arrive.  Sometimes it arrives late. This card from Edna should have arrived in good time for the Ritual Mail Art Call (postmarked 24th November)  but unfortunately it arrived after I sent the last batch back to Edinburgh with Figgy at the end of December!  The imagery is wonderful!  I spy an elephant on the hand behind the cork hand.  And together with the ritual collage the two pieces seem to speak to each other. Many thanks.  I will include your pieces for the Spirit of the Forest mail art show, if that's OK.  You can find out details here:

Meanwhile he mail art is still up at The Forest Cafe and Figgy promised me that she has taken photos, she just hasn't sent them to me! She's been in Dublin, so can you blame her?

When I went to The Forest Cafe just before Christmas it was for a quick look in and we intended to return.  The weather wasn't at all brilliant and there were five of us all wanting to go different directions. On what turned out to be my only visit,  I didn't have my camera and my phone was dead… The work looked great and the person serving told me that there had been lots of positive feedback.